Monday, June 20, 2011

Taco Burgers

Okay I'll admit it I forgot about father's day. Life is hectic it happens. But I found myself trying to throw something nice together last minute and this is what I came up with. I had hamburger patties and corn tortillas put 'em together and tada! Taco Burgers. Not really a super original idea, but pretty easy and fun.

Hamburger Patty
2 Corn tortillas
2 slices of cheese (sandwich size)
tomato half sliced
chili powder
garlic powder
onion powder
sour cream (I like the sour cream with chives)
sprinkle raw hamburger patty with the spices and the salt. 
cook at about 350 degrees until done  
place corn tortilla on griddle (or pan) add one slice of cheese
put cooked hamburger patty on top of cheese add slice of tomato and layer on the other slice of cheese and other corn tortilla. cook until the corn tortilla starts getting crispy and  the cheese is melted.
Top with a tablespoon of sour cream and a wedge of tomato for a garnish.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Any Veggie Stir-fry

I hate it when at the end of the week I have a bunch of Veggies that I have to either use or lose. So one of my favorite things to do is to put everything into a stir-fry. It's also a good way to use leftover meat from a pot roast or something.
This stir-fry I made with leftover pork loin, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, tomato, and onion.
An essential for every stir-fry is some sort of oil, i use a little bit of olive oil.
Chop all your vegetables. Heat the oil in the pan. Add onion and any of your harder veggies i.e. carrots or cauliflower. Once those start getting tender add the slightly softer veggies like squash. Then add the meat and cook until the meat is hot. I always add the broccoli last and cook it just until it turns a bright pretty green.
I added a dash of soy sauce and garlic powder.
Serve on top of rice.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Today is my sweet husband's 26th birthday and so I decided to do something special.

The idea for this came from Disney magazine which I happened to pick up at the doctor's office. You can find the original instructions here. I tweaked it a bit so that everything on the cake was gluten free. I also decided I just might do cupcake cakes more often since they don't seem to fall apart the same way a lot of my gluten free cakes seem to.
Here is the list of ingredients from the original and what I used instead I left out the things I didn't change...

Cupcakes...used Betty Crocker GF cake mix
Vanilla Frosting...made a regular butter-cream frosting
Vanilla Wafers....used peanut butter cookie recipe found here
Red licorice laces... used a fruit by the foot and cut with kitchen scissors
Spice Drops... I don't like spice drops so I used candy fruit wedges
licorice pastels...instead of pastels I just used Hershey's chocolate and piped white frosting over it
chocolate covered graham cracker...used Hershey's chocolate bar
pretzel stick...couldn't find GF so I again use Hershey's chocolate bar

Everything else was Gluten Free in the recipe. Anyway it was a load of fun to make.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chili Beans (kind of)

Chili beans

So everybody has there own recipe for "chili beans" and admitedly mine changes every time I make it, but I have found having a few standard ingredients that I can keep on hand helps so I can have a quick meal when I need one (for example last night, I needed something fairly easy about 20 minutes before my sweetheart came home). Usually I try and buy the canned goods on sale and buy in bulk.

For an exact recipe with the nutrition values already worked out, check out the "Easy Chili Beans" recipe on the recipe page
3 12oz cans of beans drained ( I prefer black, but i usually mix it up with another kind like kidney or pinto)
one can of corn (may be omitted for corn allergy)
one can of diced tomatos
ground beef, turkey, or if your in a hurry canned chicken
onion powder garlic powder, chili powder, salt to taste

brown meat (if nessacary) mix it all in the pot and boil on high for about 10 to 15 minutes or until water boils down stir occasionally
serve in bowls and top with sour cream salsa and cheese

suggested add-ins: Bell pepper, diced garlic or onion (omit powdered if used), canned green chili, salsa, anything else that sounds good to you!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome everybody

I am not totally new to blogging, although I've never done anything quite like this before. I just hope to somehow make it a little easier for someone to find a source for gluten free recipes that aren't super complicated or super expensive. I will probably be adding a few more complicated ones as I try them. Also while this blog will have some healthier recipes I am also going to add some treats.
For a starter try my Peanut butter cookie recipe found on the recipes tab.